👩‍🎓 What is 'Checkpoint mode'?

👩‍🎓 In this article we learn learn about 'Checkpoint mode' quizzing.

What comes before?
In order to access 'Checkpoint mode', a student must be logged into their account and be enrolled to the course they want to do testing on (see here for further details on setting up groups).

What are 'Checkpoints'?
Checkpoints are located within topics and serve as 'End of unit tests'.

A checkpoint is made up of a selection of questions from the lessons preceding it and have an overall time limit (as opposed to time limits per question, unlike in 'Test mode'). Extra time is automatically applied if the student is identified as requiring extra time in their profile.

Click here to see which lessons are included in a checkpoint. 

What are the key features of a 'Checkpoint'?

  • Checkpoints can be completed multiple times.
  • Each checkpoint attempt will be comprised of different questions (with equal number of questions from each lesson and of each difficulty level). 
  • Students can move backwards and forwards through questions and change their answers before they submit the checkpoint. 
  • Students cannot access their notes.
  • Feedback is provided after submission. 
  • After submission, students can review their answers one by one and see the feedback.
  • Feedback for each attempt is accessible by teachers and students at any time through the Checkpoint panel.