👩‍🎓Extra Time (in tests, checkpoints and exams)

How and when to award extra time in tests, checkpoints and exams.

Testing and Checkpoints on TheEverLearner.com are timed experiences designed to be attempted after the student has done a fair bit of practice mode quizzing. This practice-mode quizzing is accessed from the Course page and offers a pressure-free quizzing experience with no time limits, access to notes and no scores. Learn more about practice mode here.  

At The EverLearner, we are aware that some students experience language processing difficulties and that Exam Access Arrangements are put in place for them at school, providing them with extra time in exams.

The EverLearner makes it possible now for teachers to allocate 25% or 50% extra time to these students (in line with their exam access arrangements) in tests, checkpoints and exams.

Allocating extra time must never be a substitute for practice-mode quizzing, neither must extra time be allocated to all students or to any students that do not have extra time as part of their exam access arrangements. This would be doing the student a disservice.

How to allocate extra time:
1. Go to Admin>Users (if your role on the site is Admin or Hod) or to Students (if your role is Teacher) and find the student on the list of users.

2. Click on the three dot menu next to their name and choose 'Edit'.

3. On their personal information, find the "Extra Time" section. 0% is selected by default.

4. Select 25% or 50%, in line with the student's exam access arrangements.

5. From that moment, the individual student will see their time for test questions, whole checkpoints and whole exams increased by 25% or 50%.

It is important to notice that, other than having more time, the student will not see on their screen any reference to them having extra time.   

This is what different students will see when they access the same question in test mode:

EXTRA_TIME_Web Full width image-01

In the fist case, for this "60-second question", the clock starts the countdown at 1;00, since this student has no extra time. In the second case, this student gets 25% extra time, so the clock starts at 1:15, despite this being a "60-second question". And in the third case, as this student receives 50% extra time, the clock starts the countdown at 1:30.

This is what different students will see when starting the same exam:

EXTRA_TIME_Web Full width image-27-1

Allocating extra time does not affect completion rates or any other percentages.