👩‍🎓 Creating groups

In this article we learn how to create groups on The Everlearner website.

Why do we need to do this?

Setting up groups involves organising students and teachers into classes and assigning them a course. This allows the teacher to then set assignments and track their progress. Setting groups also guarantees that teachers and students only have access to the courses that they are teaching/studying and this avoids students accidentally accessing and studying the wrong course.

Who can do this?

  • Admin
  • HoD

What comes before?

  • You must be an Admin or a HoD.
  • The teacher(s) you wish to assign to the group must be registered on the site. (See here for how to create teacher accounts.)
  • Your students must already be registered on the site. (See here for how to create student accounts.)


  1. You must be logged in and be an Admin or HoD.
  2. Choose 'Admin > Groups'.
  3. Click 'Create New Group' (at the bottom of any existing group list) - this brings up a series of panels for you to complete. 
  4. In the green panel 'Basic Details', select the qualification you wish to assign the group from the drop down menu. Do note that if you students are studying A level, you must select the GCE qualification and not As or A2.
  5. Continuing in the green 'Basic Details' panel, complete the box 'Group name' (this could simply be the class code you use in school for example: 11A/Sp1).
  6. In the pink panel 'Courses', click on 'Add course to group'.
  7. In the 'Select Course' box, select the course you wish to assign to your group from the drop down menu (you can type part of the course name to help narrow the selection).
  8. Continuing in the pink box, now set the exam date for the group (this can be an estimate if you an unsure).
  9. Still in the pink box, add your course dates: 'Start date' and 'End date'. The start date is the date from which you wish to give your students and teachers access to the course. The end date is the date at which your students will no longer have access to the course. We recommend that you set the end date to the same date as the exam date. 
  10. Click 'add'.
  11. If you wish to assign another course to the group repeat steps 6-10 for each course you wish to add.
  12. Moving to the grey box, click 'Add teacher to group'.
  13. Click 'Select teacher' and choose the teacher from the drop down menu (you can type part of the teacher's name to help narrow the selection).
  14. Moving onto the yellow box, click 'Add student to group'.
  15. In the green panel that appears, search for the student(s) you wish to add to the group, ticking alongside each one. You can filter and sort to make this task easier.
  16. Make sure you have clicked "Submit users" at the bottom of the green panel before you move on and that the students have been added to the yellow panel before you move on.
  17. Finally, when all your students have been added to the group, click on the green box entitled 'Create'.

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