👩‍🎓 Checkpoints: Which lessons are included?

👩‍🎓 In this article we take at look at what exactly is included in a checkpoint.

Checkpoints are located within topics and serve as end of unit tests. They are made up of a selection of questions from the lessons preceding it.

Which lessons make up a checkpoint?
There are two ways of finding out which lessons make up a particular checkpoint - through your assignments and though your courses page. 

Assignment setting mode:
1. Go to 'Assignments/Exam' and click on 'Set an assignment'.

2. Select 'Take checkpoint'.

3. Select the Group and the Course you wish to set a checkpoint from.

4. Click on 'Select Checkpoint' - this brings up a list of checkpoints for that course.

5. The lessons included in each checkpoint are those listed above it on the dropdown list.

6. If you click on the checkpoint you wish to select, the lessons included in it will now have a tick next to them and will be highlighted pale yellow.

My courses mode:

1. Go to the course in which the checkpoint is located (do this from your dashboard).

2. Click on the checkpoint you are interested in.

3. Scroll down to the 'See checkpoint curriculum' menu and click on it.

4. All of the lessons located in that checkpoint will have a tick next to them and will be highlighted in pale yellow.