👩‍🎓 FAQ : Can you please re-send the email with the usernames and passwords?

In this article we address the FAQ around re-sending login details.

We are often asked whether it is possible for us to resend login details. The short answer is no, as the emails containing login details are sent as automated, encrypted emails upon account creation.

There is however an easy workaround 😊.

The username is always the student or teacher's email address so that's nice and easy.

In terms of the password however, it will need to be reset. For this, there are two options:

1) Request a password reset from the site.
Before doing this however, you need to make sure that your email system is not blocking external emails from noreply@theeverlearner.com - if you are unsure, ask your school/college IT Technician to check for you. 

2) If you are a Head of department or school admin on the site, you can also reset the users password manually from the admin menu. This article explains how to reset passwords

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