✅👩‍🎓 ExamSimulator: How to Set an Exam

Once you have built your exam, here is how to set it for one or more of your groups.

Why do we need to do this?
Setting an exam is what will allow your students to access the exam and to be able to complete it. 

What comes before?
You (or someone in your department) must have built at least one exam.

Setting the assignment

1. Login to your account and click on the 'Assignments/Exam' button at the top of your page.

2. Click on the 'Exams' tab.

3. Click on 'Set exam'.

4. Select the group or groups you are going to set the exam to. (Remember that you will only be able to set the exam to groups your teach. If the exam needs to be set to groups you don't teach, the teacher for that group will need to set the exam to that group. Remember also that any teacher in your department will have access to any exams that have been created within the department. Therefore, it will just be a matter of them going to set the exam, finding the exam and completing the process for their group).

5. Select the course this exam is about. 

6. Click on 'Choose exam' and select the exam you want to set.

7. Choose whether you want to assign the exam to all students in the group(s) you have selected or if you only want to assign it to some students.

8. Choose Start date and time. This is the earliest time when students will be able to access the exam and will be able to start completing it.

9. Choose End date and time. This is the point at which the exam will close. Any students who are still completing their exam when the assignment reaches its deadline will see the exam close and their exam will automatically be submitted. When setting start and end times, it is important to make sure that students (including those students with extra time) will have enough time to complete the exam.

10. Choose whether you want to make it mandatory or non-mandatory.

11. Set pass rate. The pass rate will only affect the message students receive at the end and the colour of their score (green or red).

12. Choose whether you want the exam to be a practice exam or an assessed exam.

13. Set time limit. By default, this time is pre-populated with the time allowed for all the questions contained in the exam. You can choose to allow more or less time, although it is not advisable to allow less time.

14. Give the exam a unique name, enter the instructions and click on 'Set exam'.

At that point, the exam is set. All the students who have been set the exam will now be able to see the assignment on their exams list. They will not be able to access the exam itself, though, until the assignment opens.