🙋‍♂️ How do I access my courses?

In this article, we learn how to access courses on The EverLearner.

What comes before?
You must be logged into your account.
You must be part of a group which is enrolled to the course you want to study.

Accessing courses
Option 1

On your home screen ('Dashboard') you will see all the subjects you have access to.
By clicking on the green 'Start Studying' / 'Continue Studying' button you will be taken to the courses you are enrolled in. 

Option 2

Click on the 'My courses' link at the top of your screen. 

How are courses structured?

Courses are structured into Chapters, Topics and Lessons, with Checkpoints distributed within each topic.

How do I learn?
Click on the topic you wish to study. You will see the lessons within that topic.
Hover over the 'Start learning' yellow panel for the lesson you wish to study.
You will now have three options: 'Start learning ', 'Start practice ', and 'Test yourself '.

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