🙋‍♂️ What is 'Practice mode'?

🙋‍♂️ What is 'Practice mode'? In this article, we learn about 'Practice mode' quizzing. Elle Houghton

What comes before?
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What is 'Practice mode' quizzing?
Practice mode' is your time to become confident with the concepts of the tutorial at your own pace.
'Practice mode' is all about learning, it is not a test environment.
Questions have no time limit.
Practice mode quizzing keeps going until you exit practice mode or go to testing.
Your teacher cannot see your scores in practice mode, they can only see how much time you spend studying.
You can access your notes during practice mode and return to the tutorial at any point to help you answer a question you are unsure of. For this reason, making notes on the tutorials is really good practice if you want to use your notes in practice mode. 

Switching to 'Test mode '
Option 1
Once you have successfully answered 6 questions in a row, you will be prompted to enter 'Test mode' - this is entirely your choice. You can choose to continue in 'Practice mode' for as long as you wish.
Option 2
You can choose to switch to 'Test mode' at any time by clicking on the 'Switch to Test mode' arrow.

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