👨‍🎓 How to download and analyse checkpoint and assignment data

This article shows you how to download and analyse checkpoint and assignment data with a really clever Google Sheet.


A Google account linked to your work/school/college. As you will be downloading and manipulating student data, be very aware of performing this operation outside the boundaries of your work systems.

Step One -
The Google Sheet

Grab yourself a copy of this Google sheet and save it in a suitable place in your Google Drive. Find the sheet and open it up.

You should see four tabs:

  • checkpoints_PASTE
  • checkpoints_ANALYSIS
  • assignments_PASTE
  • assignments_ANALYSIS

Hopefully, the names of the sheets are self-explanatory.

Step Two -
The Choice

Log into your EverLearner account and navigate to either 'Dashboard > Checkpoints' or 'Dashboard > Assignments' as appropriate. Drill down through the Subject > Qualification > Group > Course so that you have the data for the group you are interested in. You can filter for students as well if you want a sub-group.

Step Three -
The Copy

Click anywhere on the website in 'whitespace' (i.e. not on a button, text or image) and then hold down CTRL + A (Windows) or CMD + A (Mac) to select the whole screen. It will select all the text, including the headers and footer of the page. This is fine.

Step Four -
The Paste

Now, depending on which section you are analysing (Assignments or Checkpoints), jump onto that tab on the Google Sheet, right click your mouse in cell A1 (top left corner cell) and choose 'Paste'. Alternatively, you can click in cell A1 and hold down CTRL+V on Windows or CMD+V on Mac.

After a few seconds, you should see a lot of data!

Step Five -
The magic

Now, depending on which section your are analysing, switch onto the 'ANALYSIS' tab. You should see the data presented more clearly and in a form which you can download and analyse in Excel. If you are downloading it, make sure you choose:

File > Download > Comma-Separated Values

(so you don't get all the formulae).